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December 15, 2007

a tour through my blogroll: to the end

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Now that you’ve met the m-network, and the from A, via F, L, M and up to R, it’s time to meet the final lot.

the digerati life

The silicon valley blogger writes from, you guessed it, Silicon Valley in California, where she pursues her dreams of alternative income sources and dispenses wise suggestions on investments, finance and life. My favourites include:

From the last week:

the happy rock

The happy rock blogs about life and personal finance, especially on getting out of debt, and personal improvement. My favourites include:

From this week:

the simple dollar

The keyboard behind the simple dollar belongs to Trent. I’ve been reading this blog for over a year, it’s particularly strong on book reviews, the psychology of money and how-to’s for a frugal life. My favourites include:

From this week

the tao of making money

his blog is probably correctly titled Money, Matter and more Musings. Whatever. It’s full of fascinating facts, and sensible personal finance suggestions from golbguru (see, it’s not just me that has an unusual handle). My favourites include

From the last week:

  • There Is No Such Thing As Bad Debt – it’s not bad, it’s just the cost of having the money now rather than later, know how much it costs and weigh that up against the alternative of doing without

well heeled

So, your name is Wanda, you live in California and you want to make progress towards a deposit on a house, what should you do but write a blog, and I might add, a good one. My favourites include:

From this week

wise bread

A very cool group blog, with posts that range from the deeply humorous to mildly serious, one of the bloggers is an ex-pat Brit, so you’ve got to love them. My favourites include:

From the last week:

  • Get enough sleep – I wonder if this post was written specifically with me in mind. I might just go and take a nap now, actually.

I’m going to be updating my blogroll shortly, let me know if you want to be included and I’ll check you out. I’ve got a few new people that I’m eager to add in and I’ll be profiling them shortly.

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