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highlighting frugal home decorating tips

As autumn starts to draw in, I’m spending more time 7 чудес России at home and indoors. When I bought my 100 year old house it was listed as needing ‘cosmetic work’. Which basically means that it needed redecorating, a new bathroom, some minor repairs, and generally wasn’t all that pretty when I moved in 2 years ago.
Now, [...]

it rained inside my house

And, the hidden costs of owning a house have reared their ugly heads.
At the front of my house is a bay window with its own little roof. It rained quite heavily today, and the carpet under the bay is wet, there’s also a reasonable likelihood that part of the ceiling is going to come down [...]

over pay the mortgage or save and invest?

I mentioned earlier that now that the economic climate has shifted somewhat since I bought my house 18 months ago (yes, I’m a poor soul in negative equity) I should re-evaluate whether it’s better for me to overpay my mortgage or save and invest instead.
The basic assumptions  I’m going to run with (because they are [...]

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