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sunk cost fallacy

Once you’ve irrevocably paid for something you should take that into account when considering what to do next.
Err. No.
Once the money (or time or effort) is gone, then it’s gone. There’s no point in worrying about this.
I was on a great forum the other day for people who are interested in playing classical music. In [...]

historic returns: looking back more than a century

JD @ Get Rich Slowly highlighted a municipal bond issued in the mid-Victorian era in New York state that is just now coming to completion. It was paying out annually at 7% per year, which is a very respectable rate of return, even though inflation has seriously ravaged away the purchasing power of the original [...]

thinking about deflation

Ack. The company I work for has just announced that a pay freeze for April. The argument is that this recession is really, really serious and there’s wage deflation in our sector. It’s a big company and covers lots of sectors, some of which are almost certainly in big trouble. My particular area is probably [...]

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