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November 20, 2007

how to live on your own frugally

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I have to admit that living in a one person household isn’t generally the least expensive choice. It does have it’s advantages however. The most important being that you only have to consult yourself when making penny pinching decisions. Here are four simple ways you can put your one person status to your advantage.

council tax

If you are a living alone in the UK, be sure to claim your 25% discount on council tax. You might argue that if you were in a 2 or more person household you’d be paying at most 50% each. This is true, but your house could well be larger – it may well pay off to be on your own.


There should be at most one light on in the house at a time – unless you can magically be at two places at the same time, in which case I want to hear about it. This saves electricity. You can also choose to install CFL bulbs with out anyone else complaining which also saves electricity. Saving electricity saves money and the planet. Win-win.


It’s true that bulk buying can reduce your costs per person in a multi-person household, but as any single person will attest, there are cheap meals that you eat that you wouldn’t dream of serving to another person. I will happily eat plain tuna sandwiches for dinner several days in a row, for example, or a weird concoction of whatever is left in the cupboard.

last but not least, no whining

Living on your own, you can turn the heating down and wear extra jumpers. Talk only for a reasonable amount of time on the phone. Refuse to own a tv. Wear really old clothes around the house. No one will whine about any of this and insist that you make a more expensive choice.

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