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you know you’re a personal finance geek when…

…you get excited because in December you managed to spend £225 less than you earned - when *spending* already includes investing for retirement, other investments and savings and donations to charity.
The money is going into savings at the moment, I have a few ideas up my sleeve - mostly involving travel and the house.
Bring on [...]

a confession and sorting myself out

I have a confession to make.
For a personal finance blogger, my bank accounts are in a terrible state. I’ve exceeded my overdraft limit for the last 3 months in a row, which is costing me about £200+ in bank charges. Naturally, I’m going to be saving the documentation about the charges in the hope that [...]

English and American expenses

In a follow up to my previous comparisons of UK and US tax burdens, I contacted Mrs. Micah to ask if we could compare our expenses. Mrs. Micah lives in Washington DC with her husband. I, on the otherhand, am happily single living on my own in an English provincial city. However, we have easily [...]

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