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when sharing finances, do you split equally?

My sister was visiting me last week, and naturally (!) the conversation turned to personal finance. A few months ago, she moved into a very nice little flat with her boyfriend - they’ve been together for several years now.
As it happens, he earns slightly more than her, probably in the region of £200 per month [...]

how much do i need to earn? reverse engineering my ideal salary

The other day, Catherine Shaffer @ Wisebread asked if six figures was really that much. This inspired me to work out what income it would take to sustain my semi-ideal young professional lifestyle.
For the purposes of this, we’ll imagine that I am living in my existing house, and that the only things that I want [...]

how much money do you keep in your main account?

How much money do you keep in your current or checking account?
At the moment for various reasons, I have 3 current accounts, but all of them run at near empty. By this I mean that deliberately by the end of the month they are at or close to zero - ready to be filled up [...]

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