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June 24, 2008

when sharing finances, do you split equally?

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My sister was visiting me last week, and naturally (!) the conversation turned to personal finance. A few months ago, she moved into a very nice little flat with her boyfriend – they’ve been together for several years now.

As it happens, he earns slightly more than her, probably in the region of £200 per month in take home pay, but they split the rent and the bills equally. Since she’s not blessed/cursed with the fear of debt, she’s currently paying off her credit card debt, and can’t devote additional money to investing although they are both saving to visit New York in the next few months. She is not a debt-free Dave Ramsey devotee (she’s never heard of him) nor does she have an interest in personal finance.

I thought that it would be fairer if they (my sister and her boyfriend) split the bills according to percentage of income. That way they would have more similar amounts of disposable income, and my sister would have more cash available. Since I’m not the sort to interfere (well, not very much anyway) I only mentioned it in passing. But, what do you think?

Based on your feedback I’m…

…not going to say anything, as it’s not my place. But in case I’m ever in the same situation, I’d certainly give some weight to any good arguments you can put forward.

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