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Buying a smartphone

I’ve just agreed to acquire a new mobile phone.
I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a smartphone for a while, and tossing up whether to get an iPhone, or an android-based phone. I’m currently with T-Mobile, but I would prefer to be with Orange (I’ve irrationally loved Orange since before I owned a mobile [...]

how to take advantage of the January sales

identify gaps
You need to make a plan of attack, and that starts, not at the shops but in your own home.
Firstly, what kind of shopping are you thinking of doing? Things for the house, electrical goods, new cds or dvds, clothes, Xmas decorations for next year? Consider whether you received any gift vouchers / certificates [...]

advertising sells. unfortunately

I wonder whether I’m the only person who is not really interested in shopping for gifts this year.
It’s not really that I don’t want to give gifts to my friends and family, I really enjoy getting them stuff - thinking about what they might like and wrapping and so on. It’s just that for the [...]

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