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ask the readers: what should I do with my bonus?

So, I came back from a business trip to London the other day, to find a letter from work waiting for me. Naturally, I instantly assumed that they’d twigged that I’m an imposter and I would be getting the sack. Not so. I’ve been awarded a discretionary bonus of £500 (approx $1000).Now, get your thinking [...]

net worth 2008?

I’ve a while ago my net worth position in 2007. A year has gone by, am I any richer?
Of course, since I started blogging, I’ve become immeasurably richer just by interacting with all the people here. I’ve had similar results with some other things that I’ve done in 2007. My life is rich.
My financial situation [...]

a public commitment

A little while ago, brip blap tagged a bunch of bloggers to turn a private wish into a public declaration. I’ve refrained from posting a response for a little while as  I couldn’t think of any commitment that I wanted to make.
However, I’ve been inspired by Chief Family Officer’s boycott of chocolate and I resolve [...]

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