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working towards my dream life

I’ve noticed that in my normal life, most of my stories start the same way, and it’s the way this story is going to begin.
I was in the pub the other day…
I was in the pub the other day with a friend, when he asked me what my realistic dream life would look like. I [...]

i’m coming to dc

So, I ended up buying up plane tickets to DC.
I get in on Wed Nov 28 at 14:10 and leaving at 21:55 0n Mon 3 Dec.
Ideally someone will suggest a DC pfblogger (plus me) meet up.
Or failing that give me some great ideas as to what to do.
I’m so second guessing this decision.

standing up to the green-eyed monster

Being envious is dangerous.
I’ve got a friend who is a few years older than me who has been in a long term relationship for about 10 years. Together they own the house that they live in and have another investment property. They have a sports car, which their selling to replace with a BMW. In [...]

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