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got financial questions? - ask the m-network

Good stuff abounds ladies and gentlemen.
If you’ve got a financial question and you think that several heads are better than one, then ask us, the m-network, and we’ll give you our opinions and suggestions. Not all questions can be answered, and we can’t offer professional advice, but all questions published will have several different answers [...]

Merry Christmas Everybody

Happy Christmas Everyone.
I’m enjoying a fairly traditional Christmas at my dad’s house this year. One of my brothers wakes everyone up much earlier than is necessary (except me, I’m the eldest child therefore I sleep in or they’re all dead). We all, including my dad, have Christmas stockings plus my dad hides small gifts round [...]


Just a quick note that I’ve altered the look of the site a little with a new theme and logo (from logos for websites) - if you normally read in a feedreader you might want to head over and check it out.
If there are any features that you’d like to see on plonkee money, now [...]

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