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could you afford to lose your income?

Insurance is a pretty boring topic, and insurance salesmen are the butt of many jokes. Like many boring things though, insurance is eminently sensible as long as you do it right.
I’ve been reminded lately about the importance of локации для фото в Москве insurance, as I’m suffering a little with my left hand/arm/wrist (I’m a leftie). It’s making it uncomfortable [...]

remember to shop around for life insurance

Did you know that if you’re a single man (as in unmarried / not in a civil partnership) you will typically be asked to take an HIV test if you wish to insure your own life for more than £300k?
For all women and married men, the relevant figure rises to £1m. As no data currently [...]

yet another post about insurance

So I was talking to my fellow m-network members about insurance and I explained my foolproof method for determining whether you need a certain type of insurance. The key thing is not just how likely the bad thing is to happen, but the impact that it will have.
Its not the risk of dying that’s the [...]

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