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the first piece of financial advice I received

Although my parents both used to work in finance, they actually weren’t that big on financial advice. We had savings accounts as kids, but were not particularly encouraged to save money, and most of the time we didn’t have regular pocket money. Our grandparents lived a few hundred miles away so we didn’t see them [...]

rubber cheques

It’s incredibly embarrassing if you write a cheque and it bounces, even if it’s probably completely not your fault.
I just had a phone call from someone I haven’t actually met, about an amateur music event I’m going to next week. The cheque that I sent him has bounced. He was very nice about it, and [...]

credit in the credit crunch

The thing that caused the current financial crisis, appears to have been a bubble, much like the tech stocks bubble, or the tulip bubble. Of course, we would be the ones ending up living through another financial system bubble (like the one in 1923 or 1873).
During a bubble everyone pays over the odds for some [...]

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