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when is taking on debt sensible?

In principle, I don’t take out loans. I have a couple of credit cards, which I use sometimes and pay off  in full (although I try not Нарзанные ванны Кисловодск, because it’s not unknown for me to forget to make a payment). When I was a student, I had a £1200 overdraft which was interest [...]

keeping down the Smiths

Less worry about what other people are doing.
If there’s one thing that’s more foolish than attempting to keep up with the Joneses, it’s trying to make sure that the Smiths can’t keep up with you.
I was out at dinner last night, and the conversation turned to my least favourite subject - immigrants are stealing all [...]

SWOT analysis

Introspection is generally the order of the day at plonkee money. Both times I’ve done Myers-Briggs tests I’ve come out as *as introverted as it’s possible to be* on the introvert-extrovert scale. Which I think is just fine, but other people think is wierd.
Anyway, enough about me. Well, except to say that I wrote a [...]

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