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vote for me!!

Vote for me @ Free Money Finance March Madness competition.
I’m in Game 11 - although I was doing ok at the start, I’ve taken a hammering, so if you want to head over and fix that I’d be grateful.
We’re all playing for charity - mine is Oxfam.

decisions I nearly made

Yes, I know that you’re supposed to review the past year between Christmas and New Year, and then start on fresh stuff. I’m of the opinion that you can’t have too much reflection.
I also can’t be the only person that does *what if* reflecting. There are a few decisions that I’ve made that would have [...]

the 11th day of Christmas: 11 ways to decorate more frugally

Yay, it’s nearly Christmas. Which means it’s time for the 2nd annual m-network 12 days of Christmas thingummyjig. And I foolishly volunteered for day 11 - apparently when we planned this I said I wanted a challenge.
Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful
William Morris

So, [...]

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