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what Obama could learn from Britain

Well, a couple of people are interested to know what I think Barack Obama can learn from the British economic situation.
Let’s start by saying that I am an out and out liberal, in both the British and American senses. The chances of me voting for the Conservative party are slim, and (were I given the [...]

Happy Holidays - free e-book from the m-network

So, I know that saying “Happy Holidays” is hideously American, but my fellow m-network members are all Yanks, so it kind of makes sense. Anyway, we have a free e-book for you to download, themed around money saving tips for the festive season.
Free e-book - Money Saving Tips for the Holidays
Now, is a good time [...]

guarantees in investments?

Nothing is risk free.
Not ever.
credit crunch
The credit crunch has probably made this a lot clearer to a lot of people lately. Savings accounts which are generally considered the least risky investments have been buffeted by wave after wave of bank collapse. Investment funds have been going down in value rather than up. Big financial organisations [...]

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