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saving and investing in a low interest era

When interest rates are as low as they currently are, what does it mean for a savings and investment strategy?
low interest era
Well, it’s worth pointing out that for a long time, a lot of savings accounts have being paying a pitifully low rate of interest. Accounts that have been discontinued for new customers have often [...]

the impact of the credit crunch on savings accounts

Funny things have been happening lately. There hadn’t been a run on a British bank for more than 100 years. Until there was one on Northern Rock last year.
Deposits in savings accounts are insured by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Unlike the American equivalent (where it is seldom but occasionally accessed), this has basically never [...]

the sky is not falling in…

…or why you shouldn’t be worried about your savings account.
I already know that you’re all nice sensible people, busy savings and investing towards a fun and exciting future. In the wider world I suspect that not everyone has a positive net worth, or even an emergency fund. Which is why I find the vast amounts [...]

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