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food frugality

My eating habits are pretty much indefensible. At the moment, my weekly grocery shop as posted on the GRS forums looks like this:

600g speciality cheese ~ £4.50
1/2 french stick ~ £0.40
bag apples or bananas (about 7) ~ £1.25
12 flapjacks / cereal bars ~ £4
5 500 ml bottles diet pepsi ~ £5
1 bottle concentrated fruit drink [...]

frugal films: going to the cinema for less

This last week, I’ve spent £16 on cinema tickets, and seen three films. I caught the new Transformers film at the weekend, in London and the tickets were £10. I saw two films at the local foreign language film club in the same evening, for a total of £6. The films were Spanish, and pretty [...]

stealing ideas: the least important bill

Does anyone else go through phases of reading different blogs? After months of barely scanning it, I’ve started reading the most popular personal finance blog again, the simple dollar. In particular, one of Trent’s latest posts about the least important bill caught my eye.
how many monthly bills do I have?
I’m sure that I’ve mentioned [...]

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