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dressing to impress

I finally started at my new job last week. It was a nightmare getting rid of my responsibilities at my old place, and surprisingly tiring having to speak to all new people all the time last week. As with all jobs, this one isn’t exactly what I expected, but I think I’m going to like [...]

personal finance education is like…

I’m thinking that a financial education has lots in common with sex education. Some people think that it should be taught in school, others say that it’s the responsibility of parents to educate and schools should leave it well alone. Some people feel strongly about abstinence in sex education, and some people feel strongly opposed [...]

fringe benefits of being employed

The benefits of going to work for a living.
There are many ways of generating an income, and lots of people seem to ideologically favour working for yourself, or working at home. Being your own boss is the great way to wealth apparently. Probably wouldn’t work for me, but each to their own.
One of the things [...]

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