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March 31, 2009

fringe benefits of being employed

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The benefits of going to work for a living.

There are many ways of generating an income, and lots of people seem to ideologically favour working for yourself, or working at home. Being your own boss is the great way to wealth apparently. Probably wouldn’t work for me, but each to their own.

One of the things that people who are for some reasonable reason against being employed talk about, especially those advocates of stay at home parenting, are the hidden costs of working. I’m talking about things like commuting, eating lunch out, buying nice clothes, conveniences that you use which you wouldn’t if you spent more time at home.

This got me thinking about the converse. The things that you can get from your workplace that would cost you money to have to provide for yourself. I mean, just like you don’t notice the hidden costs of working, so maybe we don’t notice the hidden benefits of working.

  • At my current job we get free stationery, not exactly for our own personal use, but still a pen is a pen.
  • My walking commute enables me to exercise easily for free.
  • I have to travel to London at least once a month, and I can use this train ticket to meet up with friends or family for dinner or drinks and then head back to my own place for no additional cost.
  • There’s a subsidised gym (which I don’t use)
  • It gets me out of the house everyday and talking to real people. What can I say, I’m an introvert at heart
  • They heat the place. If I had to heat my house all day, that would get expensive pretty quickly.
  • Let me know what benefits you get out of work.

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