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blog action day - poverty

Does everyone else find that it’s easy to identify other people’s problems?
I was talking to an Aussie and a Yank last week and we were discussing politics, or rather our respective political systems and parties. The Aussie mentioned that she’d voted for Kevin Rudd in their last elections and was absolutely delighted that he’d given [...]

weddings and gifts

I am not and never have been married. Which of course means that I’ve never had a wedding. I am invited to weddings from time to time, and of course weddings are gift giving occasions. Since I’m always the giver at these things, I’ve got more opinions on that side of things, and I’m going [...]

giving and the gift economy

Far too frequently I fantasise about winning Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (not the lottery, I understand basic probability). My current thoughts are that with the money I would invest about half of it (maybe pay off the mortgage, the rest probably in index funds). The other half of it, I’d be giving away.
Only about [...]

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