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my kiva loan has been repaid - what to do next?

About this time last year I invested in a loan to an Azerbaijani minibus driver through kiva.org. Twelve months later, and the loan has been paid in full and it’s time for me to decide what I’m going to do with the cash. I could withdraw it and invest it in something with a monetary [...]

who will you be donating to at Christmas?

Now that I’ve debunked any anti-charity sentiments that you might have held, who are you planning to donate to this Christmas? So far, I’ve decided to do a couple of things.
Firstly I’m going to give a couple of things to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. They are looking for gifts for children under the age [...]

I don’t give to charity because…. debunked

I’m a big fan of giving to charity. Obviously I’m not sufficiently organised to do this in any other way than automatically, so I’ve got some direct debits set up to my favourite charities. Not everyone donates though, and when called on this, they usually cite some dubious excuse. I’m going to go through a [...]

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