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charity telesales

My phone just rang, Scope, the cerebral palsy charity that I got suckered into donating to wanted to know if I would increase my donation. Even though my plan is stop donating to them, I ended up increasing it anyway. I did this, not because it was great sales tactics by the women I was [...]

i don’t like handmade gifts

I noticed today in the shops that the Christmas stuff is beginning to creep out on the shelves. This means that people will soon be starting to worry about gift giving, and complaining that it is excessive, and they spend too much money. And then lots of frugal sites will encourage everyone to give handmade [...]

who do you donate to and why?

I think that people should donate money or time, including atheists like me and theists, to good causes. I also think that you should carefully consider your choice of good causes.
I donate money to Oxfam, a large overseas aid and development charity, and to Scope, a charity that supports individuals with cerebral palsy. I am [...]

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