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August 27, 2007

who do you donate to and why?

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I think that people should donate money or time, including atheists like me and theists, to good causes. I also think that you should carefully consider your choice of good causes.

I donate money to Oxfam, a large overseas aid and development charity, and to Scope, a charity that supports individuals with cerebral palsy. I am a member of Amnesty International and contribute a little bit of money there. I also donate time to a local organisation that promotes among other things inter-religious dialogue.

I explicitly chose to donate to Oxfam because overseas development is a cause that I believe is important, and it also presents are reasonable and realistic response to the HIV/Aids crisis in Africa and Asia, as well as campaigning on behalf of the disenfranchised.

I chose to become a member of Amnesty International and contribute money because I am aware that I have the privilege of living in a country with relative freedom of speech, press and conscience. Not everyone has this privilege.

I donate my time to the local organisation because I was asked to and because I believe that the organisation is important.

I donate to Scope because I was suckered into it at a train station once, and I haven’t got the heart to cancel a direct debit to a charity. I think that I would rather donate to Shelter, the homeless charity instead, as unwelcome things on your own doorstep tend to be forgotten.

Those of you that do donate money or time, who do you donate to and why?

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