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keeping going keeping going

A lot of personal finance is the long boring slog.
I am what’s politely described as a ‘flexible organiser’. You can assume by that, that I’m not particularly organised, in addition I choose to use my organising skills mostly at work, where it’s more important. It means that I’m not very good at periodic tasks. I’m [...]

the importance of looking at fees

I’m a maths graduate. This means that inevitably I know a lot of people who work in finance. I was talking to one the other day, and he said that one of the things they’re working on at the moment is looking at the projections that they куда можно сходить в Мурманске investment returns in their marketing brochures. [...]

the magic money cupboard

One of my friends is an actuary with an insurance company. His favourite concept is that of the magic money cupboard. He reckons that when it really gets down to it, a surprisingly large number of people (who should know better) believe that when you take out an investment policy, the insurance company puts it [...]

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