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the sorry tale of Equitable Life

I remember, back in the olden days (2000?) when I was a maths student at university, one of my friends was filling in a job application for an actuarial trainee post. One of the questions asked about the applicants to comment on something relating to actuaries in the then current affairs. When she was asking [...]

diversification is terrible if you want to get rich quick

Suppose you had £100k to invest, and 10 ideas in which you could choose to invest in. Each of those ideas has an expected return after 5 years. Of course, this is an investment, not all ideas are necessarily successful. Each idea also has an associated probability of working out.

Return = 500% Probability of Success [...]

foolproof money making scam

I’ve remembered a foolproof money making scheme scam.
Pick a stock, any stock.
Write a short investment article stating that the stock will increase in value over the next week.
Write a short invesment article stating that the stock will decrease in value over the next week.
Send each investment article to at least 1024 people, keeping a track [...]

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