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do Brits really pay more tax than Americans?

A little while ago, I tried to estimate the differences between the US and UK tax burdens. Keen to give more accurate figures, and on the suggestion of deepali, I contacted my friend rocketc что посмотреть в Архангельске, a great personal finance blogger from middle America to compare some actual costs. Since rocketc has kids, and UK taxes are [...]

compare and contrast: UK and US tax burdens

Ok, this probably falls under things that I think are interesting, but am not sure if anyone else does.
Over here at least the United States is considered to have the following features compared to the UK:

lower taxes
reduced public services
higher salaries
lower cost of living

Now, I suspect that some of this is quite variable, in particular some [...]

taxing plonkee

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a little while may have noticed that I’ve added some adverts to the site. They’re adsense ads from Google, and I don’t think that they detract too much.When you sign up for adsense you have to make a declaration regarding tax. As Google is a [...]

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