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September 24, 2007

i don’t like handmade gifts

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I noticed today in the shops that the Christmas stuff is beginning to creep out on the shelves. This means that people will soon be starting to worry about gift giving, and complaining that it is excessive, and they spend too much money. And then lots of frugal sites will encourage everyone to give handmade gifts in an attempt to cut costs. Let me make it entirely clear that I really love to receive gifts, and it absolutely and utterly is the thought that counts. But (if I’m lucky enough to get any gifts this year) that includes thinking about me, the recipient.

My taste in home decor is minimalist and modernist – think chrome, glass and Le Corbusier – pretty difficult to pull off with home made. I live on my own, and don’t really want lots of baked goods. The reason that I don’t make them myself is that there is no one to eat them. I’m just not a hand made / home made sort of person.

I’d personally rather receive a pair of funky socks that cost £1, than a hand knitted holiday sweater that I’ll never wear. And if anyone wants to get me something that I’ll truly love, get me a book.

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