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deciding whether to stay or go at work

Normally, I’m the one that everyone else in my family hates because I have a job that I really enjoy. I’m a maths geek and for a living I work with spreadsheets and data a lot of the time, and proper maths some of the time. I work for a company where not that many [...]

university graduates, jobs and prestige

Ok, so there’s a recession on at the minute, which means that there are fewer jobs and higher unemployment than in a boom time. I’m sitting watching the news and there’s a fairly long piece about people graduating from university, particularly newer and less prestigious universities, finding it difficult to get exciting graduate jobs.
Is there [...]

should I stay or should I go?

There’s are jobs going at a company that I’ve wanted to work at for a few years. It’s in essentially the same field that I work in now, just a slightly different sort of company (quite a bit smaller). I’ve met the director a few times and we get on fairly well - he gets [...]

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