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grateful for my emergency fund

If you follow my twitter feed you’ll know that on Sunday, my house was broken into whilst I was out all day. I came back to find that the back door had partially been kicked on and that both laptops had been stolen, along with a camera, some papers and a couple of other bits [...]

fix your finances, save money - step 3

I hate it when things don’t quite go according to plan. I intended to finish up my personal finance challenge last week, by totalling up the money that I’d saved in my regular bills and then putting that towards my investing and charity funds. Sadly, I was hampered by an RSI-type injury, which left me [...]

emergency funds are no fun

An emergency fund is the least fun, most boringly sensible thing you can do with your money. Saving up for things is great, because you get things that you want in return. Investing for retirement is great, because you get to be rich in return. Even paying off debt is great, because eventually you’ll be [...]

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