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September 15, 2008

grateful for my emergency fund

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If you follow my twitter feed you’ll know that on Sunday, my house was broken into whilst I was out all day. I came back to find that the back door had partially been kicked on and that both laptops had been stolen, along with a camera, some papers and a couple of other bits and pieces. Naturally, I have contents insurance, which covers the stuff taken, as well as buildings insurance to cover the damage to the door.

But, actually at the moment, I’m most grateful for my emergency fund. I had no problems getting £300 to pay for a new door, and I’ve actually got myself a little Acer Aspire One so that I can blog and be more mobile. I should be getting a replacement laptop and camera from the insurance people, but I’ve got a few other things that need to be done promptly so I need access to a basic computer. Without my emergency fund, I would have been quite scuppered. As it is, the only problem really at the moment has been the hassle – I had to take most of the day off to sort stuff out.

Has anyone else had to access their emergency fund? I don’t know whether you’d consider my new little laptop and emergency, but the door definitely felt like one to me – it’s quite difficult to leave the house when there’s a big hole in the door.

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