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June 11, 2008

secret money saving trick

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Don’t buy stuff.

Sounds stupid, but it’s true. If you stop buying things, you’ll save money. Not only the money that you spend on purchases, but the money that you spend because you need to store all the things that you’ve bought.

I’m sitting writing this post in my library/office/dining room (honestly, not a big space at all) looking at the hi-fi system that I have, which I bought whilst I was at university. It’s quite a few years old, and it doesn’t work very well, but I haven’t bought another one yet because, well it’s good enough. Eventually I’ll get a new one, but not yet.

Similarly, the laptop that I use at home was bought in 2005. It’s not a very good one, certainly it’s a no name brand. The trackpad is broken so I use a mouse now. The dvd writer has never worked (reader is fine). It can be a little slow at times, and requires a separate wireless card as wireless wasn’t big back in the day. The battery is shot, and I can’t use it for very long without a mains connection. Still, I only really use it for blogging and surfing the internet. I suspect I’ll be able to keep going till it packs up entirely. Maybe that’ll be in another 3 years or more. Not buying a new computer this year (even though I can afford to) is saving me money.

For me, better than the money that I still have in my savings account earning compounded interest, is the lack of mental clutter that I get from too much stuff. If I bought a new stereo or laptop, I’d have to work out how to get rid of the old one – not straightforward when you want to be decluttered, environmentally friendly, and don’t have a car.

Secret money saving trick.

Don’t buy stuff.

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