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April 27, 2009

it rained inside my house

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And, the hidden costs of owning a house have reared their ugly heads.

At the front of my house is a bay window with its own little roof. It rained quite heavily today, and the carpet under the bay is wet, there’s also a reasonable likelihood that part of the ceiling is going to come down (it’s separate to the rest of the ceiling and about a foot lower).

I do have an emergency fund, but what I don’t currently have is time to get it fixed. I’m starting my new job next week, so I’m ridiculously busy this week handing over stuff, and I can’t exactly plan to take any time off next week to organise a whoever to come over – I also have no idea what trade is required to fix this problem.

For now, I guess I’m just going to have to hope it doesn’t rain any further and cause an even bigger problem. I’m not sure what else I can do in the short term.

lessons to learn?

Although you can see that there’s been water damage to that part of the ceiling before, for some reason I think I read in the survey I had done that it was no longer an issue. Still stuff like this is one a fairly long laundry list of things that need to be fixed – this is what happens when you buy a 100 year old house. If it wasn’t this, it would probably be something else. So far, I’ve had a door replaced but I also need to get the ivy removed, replace some windows, insulate the loft further, replace another door, remove two gas fires, fix the damp in the bathroom and replace the bathroom suite. That’s without the list of things that I’d just plain like to do.

Owning a house costs money. More than you’d think.

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