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March 7, 2008

excellent customer service from plumbs direct

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The lovely little house that I bought last year is Edwardian. I discovered after I moved in, that this means that it has high ceilings, and non-standard sized windows. Since I live in a pleasantly crowded inner city suburb, I shouldn’t really go without some kind of window dressing.

Now, in most of the rooms I can easily get away with an inexpensive roller blind or Venetian blind. The living room at the front has an L-shaped bay window, and as I mentioned non-standard sized (extra tall) windows. The only practical solution is custom made curtains.

To say that I’m not competent enough to make them myself would be somewhat of an understatement, so I turned to the modern homeowner’s trusty friend, the interwebs. Sadly the first few results that I got from google were not all that cheap. I decided to try out some of the top advertised results, and ended up at Plumbs Direct, whose prices were much more reasonable. I found some fabrics I though I might want (I’m fussy) and ordered some samples, the samples came, I picked out a nice fabric that I liked, measured and ordered the curtains.

Now, here’s the point at which it went wrong. For various reasons (I hadn’t changed my address at my bank) I should have had different billing and delivery addresses. Unfortunately I didn’t check the paperwork carefully, and the delivery address was wrong.

Not being the most organised person in the world, I didn’t notice for some time that the curtains hadn’t arrived. When I eventually realised that they should have turned up weeks earlier, I went through my emails and worked out what had happened. I contacted Plumbs to see if they could help me, and they told me that the curtains had been delivered (to the other address) and had then disappeared. They then offered to send me a replacement set of curtains at no additional cost.

Naturally I took them up on the offer, the curtains turned up, they are beautiful, excellent quality, well made custom curtains that fit my window perfectly. Did I mention that these curtains were about half the price of their competitors.

I love Plumbs Direct, and if you like the fabric choices, I suggest that you use them yourself.

PS I’d like to reassure you that I’m not being paid to write this. In fact, they’ve got no idea that I am. I just like the curtains, and great customer service.

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