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because some days…

because some days, I can has cheezburger is too good. And personal finance related.

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fix your finances, save money – step one

Are you ready? Get set, Go.
In the middle of the Olympics, I thought it would be a good idea to issue a personal finance challenge, one that I need to take myself. It’s in three parts:

Establish how much you actually spend on stuff
Look at ways of cutting costs
Save and invest the extra money that you [...]

things not to do when facing bankruptcy: fake your own death.

I’m not sure how widely the case of John and Anne Darwin has been reported outside the UK, but I think it veers between farce and tragedy.
Six years ago, the Darwins were facing bankruptcy so in stupid idea number 1 they somehow decided that John should fake his death in a canoeing accident whilst his [...]

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