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November 8, 2008

rubber cheques

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It’s incredibly embarrassing if you write a cheque and it bounces, even if it’s probably completely not your fault.

I just had a phone call from someone I haven’t actually met, about an amateur music event I’m going to next week. The cheque that I sent him has bounced. He was very nice about it, and just said to pay on the day.

I was too surprised on the phone to work out what had happened, thinking about it now, there are two options. The first is that my inability to sort out my finances properly meant that there was no money in the account. This is not likely because this guy said that he’d just received a letter from the bank, which implies that he put the cheque in within the last few days. I was only paid a week ago. But if this is the case, then obviously, I’m too blame.

The second option is almost completely not my fault. I paid for this thing weeks and weeks ago – sometime towards the end of August. Since then, my house was broken into and  as I was concerned that one of my chequebooks had been stolen, I  had them all cancelled. So, the cheque – which wasn’t cashed straightaway – would have been declined. Apart from possibly having a better idea of which cheques still had to be paid, I’m not sure that there’s very much that I could have done to prevent this.

Rubber cheques are not nice, even if they’re probably not your fault.

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