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weathering the current financial storms

I think we can safely say that there is a minor financial crisis going on, as a big American investment bank went under yesterday. This is compounding in the UK the natural cycle of the housing market, which was overdue another collapse and is now definitely heading down.
But, what does this mean for the people [...]

taking on debt: do personal or market forces rule?

Now is a great time not to be looking to take on more debt, because it’s harder (and more expensive) to come by, due to the credit crunch.
On the other hand, in your own personal circumstances, when is it a good time to take on debt? And should you take into account the external market?
taking [...]

husbands and wives - debts, taxes and responsibility

I was inspired by Mrs. Micah’s post on whether, in America, husbands and wives are responsible for the other parties debts. It looks like in the States, a married couple is jointly responsibly for each other’s debts if they were acquired (without fraud) after marriage. I figured that the law in the UK would be [...]

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