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credit cards are like alcohol

A while ago, Patrick @ Cash Money Life wrote about how credit cards are like guns. Well, this English person doesn’t like guns in the slightest and willfully and deliberately fails to think of a good reason to have them around. You might think that’s a touch irrational if you’re not British, so just remember [...]

what do you think of bankruptcy?

I wrote just the other day about a slightly random conversation that I had with someone who had declared bankruptcy a few years ago.
I’m very strongly of the opinion that bankruptcy is necessary for a good economy. Without it, it becomes impossible for people to take business risks and individuals can become mired in debt [...]

getting out of debt Amy’s way

You never know when you’re going to have an interesting conversation.
Last weekend I was staying with some friends by the seaside, and whilst we were out I ended up chatting to one of the group, Amy, about my house - which I bought last year. She stated that she was rubbish with money, to the [...]

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