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May 9, 2008

could you afford to lose your income?

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Insurance is a pretty boring topic, and insurance salesmen are the butt of many jokes. Like many boring things though, insurance is eminently sensible as long as you do it right.

I’ve been reminded lately about the importance of insurance, as I’m suffering a little with my left hand/arm/wrist (I’m a leftie). It’s making it uncomfortable to type, and of course typing is what I do practically all day both here, and in my day job.Although I know that my discomfort is caused by a specific event, a chronic condition like RSI would have a very detrimental effect on my ability to earn an income.

For most people in the pre-retirement stage of their lives, losing the ability to earn is both financially damaging and more likely than you might think. It’s not often self-insurable (if you don’t need to work for money, then you are self-insured, otherwise you are not), but you can and should consider taking out both short and long term disability insurance, also known as income protection insurance to cover you against such an unfortunate event. You might, however, not need to pay for it yourself.

My employer has just introduced a new benefit, which is Group Income Protection that pays out 50% of pay (minus any other income received) after 6 months of sick leave – during those 6 months you are still employed on full pay. I’ve already got a income protection plans in place, and now I’m not sure whether to cancel. I suspect that having two policies won’t net me any more money, but it’s possible that one could have less stringent requirements than the other.

The question is, should I cancel my own policy, and just rely on my employer’s policy? Or should I keep paying out £26 a month, for my own cover?

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