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April 2, 2007

money decisions last week

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I forgot to post my money decision for last week. As anticipated, I received a pay rise last Friday. What was not anticipated was the promotion and the generous nature of the rise. Sadly, I’m not rich beyond my wildest dreams, but my planned house purchase now fits very nicely within my budget.

On the debit side, I scraped through the last few days until payday and managed, just about to have more money than month in my spending allowance. Partly accomplished by successfully suggesting to a friend that we postpone our social event until after Easter.

I’ve also been inspired by Silicon Valley Blogger and have applied for disability insurance. What I’ve got is an accident and sickness insurance that would pay out for 12 months with back to day 1 cover from Ant Insurance, and income protection insurance from Axa that would pay out after 12 months. Taken together with my emergency fund, that sees me covered very well should any illness or accident befall me and leave me unable to work.

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