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Merry Christmas Everybody

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Happy Christmas Everyone.

I’m enjoying a fairly traditional Christmas at my dad’s house this year. One of my brothers wakes everyone up much earlier than is necessary (except me, I’m the eldest child therefore I sleep in or they’re all dead). We all, including my dad, have Christmas stockings plus my dad hides small gifts round the house and makes clues for my youngest brother to find - in return my youngest brother does exactly the same for my dad, but the clues are fiendishly difficult.

Present opening takes place with a glass of bubbly (or more than one glass) whilst listening to Slade, Wizzard and The Pogues.

For lunch we’ll be having turkey with all the trimmings - roast potatoes, mini sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing, sprouts, parsnips and other veg. There will be Christmas crackers, so the wearing of silly hats and the reading of not funny jokes will be compulsory. Christmas pudding is followed by mints and coffee.

In the afternoon we skip the Queens speech and watch a film or play a board game. Any more food is of the help yourself out of the fridge variety.

Whatever you’re doing, hope you have a great Christmas.

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