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November 19, 2009

advertising sells. unfortunately

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I wonder whether I’m the only person who is not really interested in shopping for gifts this year.

It’s not really that I don’t want to give gifts to my friends and family, I really enjoy getting them stuff – thinking about what they might like and wrapping and so on. It’s just that for the last 5-6 months, I’ve very rarely been proper shopping (as opposed to food shopping). When I went browsing in the shops the other day after work, I found the whole experience overwhelming. There were too many people, and brightly coloured shout-y posters telling me about all the money I could save if I just spent my money in their shop.

my accidental advertising diet

I think I’ve inadvertently been on an advertising diet. I don’t watch a great deal of tv, and much of it is BBC, so ad free. And I have relative online advertising blindness. Most of the posters I pass on my way to work are either public service or for products I’m really not interested in, like car insurance (I don’t own a car).

This accidental advertising diet meant that when I was surrounded by lots and lots of ads, I had a bit of sensory overload. It was like the whole town was shouting ‘buy me, buy me, I’m a nice bright shiny bauble’.

still left me wanting to buy stuff based on ads

But, even though the ads in the stores in town overwhelmed me, they also made me feel like I wanted to buy things. I’m not sure exactly what things, but I definitely wanted to buy.

Fortunately, for Christmas shopping I need have to a list and buy for difficult people (aka men). So I didn’t actually get sucked in to buying things I didn’t need.

so I’m back to avoiding ads

I’m going to try and keep up this advertising diet, now that I’ve noticed it though. I don’t need to spend money on things that I don’t need, or want. I’m supposed to be a grown up these days, and I want to save my money for fun stuff that I actually do want, as well as slightly less fun stuff that I need.

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