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lending money to family

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A friend of mine was telling me how her younger sister had opened a credit
card without telling her boyfriend (who she lives with) and had the bills
sent to their parents house. When my friend found out, she lent her sister
enough money to pay off the credit card and insisted on confiscating and
destroying the said credit card.

Apparently, it isn’t the first time this has happened, and the sister thinks
that if the boyfriend finds out then he’ll leave. I think that this is a bad
situation that the sister has got herself into, but that my friend’s action
probably hasn’t helped. Frankly, if the boyfriend will leave if he finds
out, then maybe thats the best outcome for their relationship. I don’t for
one minute think that my friend’s sister will stop doing things like this.
The worst thing is that it also alters my friends relationship with her
sister. She now feels even more aggrieved when her sister does unrelated
things she doesn’t like.

I told my friend some of what I think, because I’m that

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