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expenses when visiting family

This weekend I’m travelling to Ireland to visit family. I’ll be taking my own packing advice, and not taking too much. Strictly carry-on only here.
Whilst I might have packing down to a fine art, I’m exceedingly good at spending money whilst travelling. I nearly always *need* a drink at the airport (a bottle of pop [...]

budgeting tip: make it automagical

Making it automagical has got to be my favourite personal finance tip of all time. Prior to my conversion, I was often late with bills, not because I didn’t have the money, but because I’m a born procrastinator. Why do today, what you can put off until tomorrow? They’ll charge you for it, that’s why.
In [...]

spending plans for 2008

Since I let you in on how much I’m worth (alive - like many people I’m worth more dead) and how I spent my money last year, you might also be interested to see how I’m planning to spend it in 2008.
I’ll hand you over to my beautiful chart:

Just to let you know what’s in [...]

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