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what do you assume?

Question everything.
I often do rough calculations on all sorts of personal finance topics. Most of these require some assumptions, and I tend to use the same assumptions all the time. But you should never take anything for granted, maybe my assumptions need to be questioned.
If I need to use an actual figure, I generally choose [...]

panic not - even a recession has opportunities

Capitalism thrives in anarchy.
Zimbabwe is not the worlds best run economy. Official inflation runs at the millions of percents per annum and unofficial estimates put it in the billions. A teachers monthly salary would struggle to buy five loaves and two fishes, which still requires a miracle to make large numbers if meals from. [...]

the credit crisis: am I missing something?

The credit crisis, what am I missing?
Apparently, there’s a credit crisis on at the moment. Banks are finding it difficult to raise money on the markets, and (as they do) they are passing on that difficulty to us. Or in other words, banks are finding it harder to borrow money, and so in turn they [...]

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