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mulling over negative equity

I’m worried about my house.
Well not exactly my house, which is fine. But the value of my house and the mortgage on it.
I knew full well when I bought my house that it was probably near the top of the market, but I slightly pushed that to the back of my mind for the following [...]

a home fit for winter

I’m one of those home owners who knows nothing about house maintenance. This means that on one evening when the room seemed to be getting colder and colder for no good reason I didn’t think anything of it for a while. Then when I checked the central heating boiler, it was flashing - that never [...]

house prices, bubbles, and investment returns

I was tidying up my desk the other day and found some old work-related magazines. In the April 2007 edition of Mathematics Today (I know, I’m a geek - I swear it’s going to end up on Have I Got News for You one day) there was an article about investing. It was mostly about [...]

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