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a tour through my blogroll: consumerism commentary to free money finance

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Now that you’ve met the m-network, and the beginning of my blogroll, it’s time to meet some more.

consumerism commentary

New and improved with two editors, Flexo and Sasha, consumerism commentary has plenty to read on investing, real estate as well as information for the consumer. Flexo also runs the supremely important carnival of personal finance and an excellent personal finance blogs aggregator. My favourite posts include:

  • the cost of buying a home over 30 years - I hope you all realise that home costs a lot more than the purchase price
  • surviving (and thriving) on $12,000 a year - I’d like to point out that at the current exchange rate, that’s £6,000 a year, less than the minimum wage in the UK

This week I liked:

  • gay men earn 23% less pay than married men - although, as Sasha points out, the study isn’t exactly the most rigorous ever, it still brings up an important issue

english major money

One of the youngest personal finance bloggers is this English major living in New York. Follow her quest to enhance her freedom fund, whilst enjoying all the benefits of life in the big smoke. My favourite posts include:

  • have you met miss jones? - I don’t think I’ve met the same one, but I certainly know a few jammy people like this
  • my mom’s money: gender, the generation gap and personal finance - it’s always interesting to consider how your parents relate to money

From the last week:

  • getting antsy for a raise - I’m also hoping to get promoted (in April), although I’m not sure how close I actually am

fire finance

Fire stands for ‘financially independent retire early’ something that you’ll probably agree is not to be sniffed at. The mission of fire finance is to retire early, and along with chronicling their progress, they are giving us some useful advice. My favourite posts include:

  • investing: dilbert’s personal finance - a brief summary of all personal finance advice by way of Scott Adams of Dilbert fame
  • banking: can I bank on my new bank? - all about how to find a reliable bank. In the UK, you want them to be ‘authorised and regulated by the FSA’

This week I liked:

  • frugal creative gift ideas for holiday cards - both money saving and interesting ways to deal with all those Christmas cards that you need to send

five cent nickel

Nickel is a prolific blogger, as well as his excellent personal finance blog he is also the author of sports injury info, grill maestro (I think)* and, together with his wife, raising four boys. Some of my favourite posts include:

  • dave ramsey is bad at math - please don’t flame me, I also like dave ramsey is good at psychology
  • life’s too short to drink cheap beer - because it is, enough said

This week I enjoyed:

  • your secret credit scores - more things (in addition to the regular credit score) for me to fail at, I reckon

frank, the financially savvy atheist

Equal measures atheist discussion and personal finance, frank talks about a lot about investing, and has an entire category called ‘fun with math‘. Just goes to show that it takes all sorts. My favourite posts include:

  • that eccentric billionaire - a billionaire walks up to you and offers you a billion dollars to complete one task. The catch, you have a 90% chance of living and a 10% chance of dying. Do you accept?
  • where is the S&P 500 headed at year end? - all about Monte Carlo simulations, in August there was 65% chance it would be up at year end


  • fico scores aren’t a complete scam - people with low scores probably are more likely to default, that’s kind of the point of the scores

free money finance

From Michigan with an excellent Sunday series on the bible and money, FMF is a big fan of being debt-free. He is himself currently without any financial liabilities - no car loan, no mortgage and no consumer debt. He also donates the profit from his blog to charity - an all round good egg. My favourite posts include:

  • even a small leak can empty your money bucket quickly - little bits in quantity, like cash machine fees, add up to a lot
  • why I like index funds - ok, so it’s just a list of links, but index funds are great and FMF has written about them so much, I couldn’t just pick out one post

From the past seven days:

  • Britney Spears is not generous - $500 a month is almost literally nothing if you are earning as much as Ms Spears

If you’re a personal finance blogger and you’d like to be on my blogroll, email me and I’ll start subscribing to your feed. If you then post pretty regularly with content that I can recommend I’ll add you after a little while.

*PS It’s Jim @ blueprint for financial prosperity that runs grillmaestro.

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  1. Actually, Grill Maestro belongs to Jim from Blueprint. I just link to it.

    Posted by fivecentnickel.com | November 12, 2007, 12:12 am
  2. Hey, thanks for the mention :)

    Posted by frank | November 13, 2007, 3:34 pm
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  4. Hmm, plonkee.. A whole lot of money management links..

    Eliminate even small leak, understanding credit score, index funds..

    Read well, practice well and off we fly towards wealth.

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