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October 27, 2007

focus on the m-network

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m-network_feedI’m going to take some time in the coming few weeks to lead you on a tour of my blogroll, starting with the most important people, the motley collection of personal finance bloggers known as the m-network.

being frugal

Lynnae is trying to get herself and her family out of debt, predominantly by being frugal, hence the name. At the moment, they’re going through a rough patch since her husband lost his job, but they (and I) are sure that the best days are still around the corner. Some of the best of being frugal:

This week’s selection

christian finance

You might be forgiven for thinking that Bob’s religious themed blog would have a limited appeal. You’d be dead wrong. Christian finance concentrates on sensible financial tips, hints and suggestions with a thoughtful Christian perspective. Some of my favourite posts include:

This week’s star post

debt-free revolution

Ana is as you may have guessed another debt-free wannabe with a vociferous dislike of debt of all kinds. She’s turned her hand to pizza delivery to bring in extra cash, whilst simultaneously supporting her army husband, studying organic chemistry and managing her kids. Her best posts include:

From the last seven days:

gather little by little

Another Christian blogger and debt-free wannabe, I first encountered glblguy when he wrote a post commenting on why religion is an important part of personal finance. He hasn’t left my feed reader since although I’m always amazed at how he keeps it going as well as running around after six kids. Anyway, some of glblguy’s best posts:

In the past week:

I’ve paid for this twice already…

Taekwondo blackbelt Jaimie has already paid out a lot of money to her credit companies, and is now working on her plan to never need to do so again. She also writes like a fiend and has excellent guest posts everywhere as well as writing on her own blog.

This week’s offering:


In the tradition of Shakespeare, Pinyo, the founder of the m-network, invented the word moolanomy to describe the science of money. He’s a regular guy, originally from Thailand, but now resides in Queens where his wife is expecting their first child. Pinyo is hot on investing as well as all general finance stuff. Some of his best posts are:

In the last week:

my two dollars

Simultaneously the newest member and the longest running blog in the m-network, on top of providing great personal finance posts, david also has another blog, the good human, where he writes about sustainability, progressive politics and environmental issues [subscribe here]. A few of the best of my two dollars:

From the past week:

single guy money

The clue is in the name, the author of this blog is a single guy that talks about money. He’s been working hard to get his debt down over the last year and is writing a little about his endeavours in rental properties as well as keeping us up to date on his debt free quest. My favourites from single guy money include:

From the last week:

the dough roller

A much valued member of the m-network, dough roller is on his way to achieving that elusive goal, financial independence. He has reached through a more challenging financial background to teach us more about how we can all improve our finances. Some of my favourites are:

And from the last 7 days:


If you liked this tour of the m-network, then subscribe to our new feed. It was updated recently to a genuinely new and improved product, with the same old excellent articles. Unfortunately, if you have been subscribing, you’ll need to switch over manually but I can promise you that it’ll be worth it.

Edited to Add: I can’t believe I missed the dough roller out. Rest assured it’s purely an oversight on my part and the dough roller is a great blog and made an excellent recent host for the carnival of personal finance.

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