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November 4, 2007

a tour through my blogroll: all financial matters to cleverdude

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So last weekend I introduced you properly to the m-network. This week I’m going to start on the rest of my blogroll.

all financial matters

One of the first things that got me interested in personal finance bloggers was JLP‘s October project last year. Unusually for a personal finance blogger, JLP actually has professional qualifications in finance and works as a financial planner. All financial matters has recently added Meg as a regular writer and she’s pretty good – JLP should watch out. Some of my favourite posts include:

This week I enjoyed:

blueprint for financial prosperity

Jim writes about general finance issues and has a particularly good, if infrequent, devil’s advocate series, which takes the opposing view to some personal finance truths. In his spare time he maintains the festival of frugality, the place to go for your fix of money saving ideas each week. My favourite posts include:

This week I liked:

blunt money

Blunt money is written by a small business owner and mother. She writes quite a bit about organising and decluttering – something that I’m a big fan of – as well as all sorts of personal finance issues. Some of my favourites include:

This week’s choice:

brip blap

Currently living in New York, but having had the good fortune to have spent time all over the world, brip blap is a consultant in what sounds suspiciously like accounting, but more importantly a husband and father and a blogger. Some of my favourite posts include:

This week I liked:

  • rich mom, poor mom – this post is really good – even though I mostly disagree, as do a number of other commentators – because it makes you think

cash money life

Patrick over at cash money life used to be in the US Air Force and is now planning on starting his MBA. As well as looking a military finance, he also covers careers and education with a personal finance slant. Generally full of excellent advice, some of my favourite posts are:

  • credit cards and guns – this could only have been written by an American, but still an excellent post. Personally, I prefer the guns are like bombs analogy but each to their own
  • the ten commandments of money – much better than the original version in the Bible (which to be fair, aren’t trying to cover money 😉 ) follow these and you won’t go far wrong

From the past seven days:

cheap as chips

Straight from the land down under, tehnyit writes a money saving blog with an Australian spin. He’s married with kids and lives in Melbourne, in the great state of Victoria. Some of my favourites are:

In the past week:

chief family officer

Hailing from southern California, amongst other things like a job, and motherhood, Cathy is in charge of the finances for her family. Chief Family Officer is half personal finance and half parenting and family life and has been going on and off since 2005. My favourite posts include:

From the past week:

clever dude

Happily married to a dietician, Mike is a technical analyst originally from Pennsylvania but now living in metropolitan Washington DC. He got into personal finance blogging after speaking to his neighbour Nick from Punny Money. Some of cleverdude’s best posts include:

From this week:

If you’re a personal finance blogger and you’d like to be on my blogroll, email me and I’ll start subscribing to your feed. If you then post pretty regularly with content that I can recommend I’ll add you after a little while.

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