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November 25, 2007

a tour through by blogroll: all the M-s

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Now that you’ve met the m-network, and the from A, via F up to the letter L, it’s time to meet some more.

make love not debt

Him and Her are an engaged couple living together in Chicago who blog about their debt, their savings and investment plans and general financial issues that come with being in your 20s and trying to be sensible with money. My favourite posts include:

Recently I’ve liked:

mapgirl’s fiscal challenge

Currently living in Washington DC, although aspiring to move back to California one day, mapgirl writes the on-going saga of her financial adventures with great aplomb. My favourite posts include:


mighty bargain hunter

In between writing excellent posts on bargains, shopping, investments, and property, the mbh also runs the carnival of debt reduction. My favourite posts include:


  • can you do without these holiday expenses? – I think the word I’m looking for here might be “Scrooge”. Seriously though, consider what you need to spend the money on, rather than what you want to spend it on

money and such

My favourite career guru is shadox, the blogger behind money and such. He’s also very keen on capitalism and writes about investing, career improvement and related interesting topics. My favourite posts include:

  • got passed up for promotion? now what – sound suggestions offered, I’m hoping to get promoted and I’ll be taking this advice if I don’t get it at the first attempt
  • what is a credit crunch? – the biggest fallout in the UK from the US subprime mortgage collapse has been related to the credit crunch (mortgages are not defaulting that much over here)


money smart life

Ben wants us to use our money to live the life that we want, which doesn’t mean spending everything you have, because in the long run, that won’t make you happy. Now with the added boost of a regular additional contributor, Tina. My favourite posts include:



Moneyning‘s short list of things to do starts with “earn as much money as I can”. Of course, being a sensible sort of chap he eventually wants to put this money to good use so that he only has to work if he wants to. My favourites include:


mrs. micah

I would predict great things for mrs. micah, but I don’t want to put a commentator’s curse on her. She’s a writer, maker of ipod cases and other custom pieces (I have one on order) and she has a job testing newborn babies ears. On top of that she runs an excellent personal finance blog. My favourites include:


If you’re a personal finance blogger and you’d like to be on my blogroll, email me and I’ll start subscribing to your feed. If you then post pretty regularly with content that I can recommend I’ll add you after a little while.

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